Easy to use, customizable and flexible



Digital badges as part of your recognition program. Define data and criteria which will grant value to each badge. Promote your organization’s brand and effectively showcase your members’ achievements.


Digital badges in an easy and reliable way. Build on integrations like Canvas, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, and Salesforce for automating the issuing process within your organization workflow.


Goodbye to falsified recognitions and / or certifications. All your Digital Badges are secure, verifiable online, and with the possibility of being issued on the Blockchain.


Your digital credentials program designating multiple Account Managers and role based authorization

Generate Reports

A complete user-level reporting dashboard allows you to see how badges are getting viewed or shared. Discover useful insights about your earners and take more effective actions in marketing and engagement initiatives


Badges on social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, as well as other platforms in real time.

Professional Services

Our team will assist you on the comprehensive development of your digital credential program.

Learning paths
Visual design
Digital Badge Map
Visual communication
Training on platform use
Strategy and consulting
Growth support plan
Onboarding and support

Integration with other platforms

Our platform can be integrated with hundreds of applications and sites that allow the badges obtained to be shared in professional, educational and social environments.

  • www.facebook.com
  • www
  • www.movistar.com
  • www.sumup.com
  • www.elpais.com

A flexible platform for your program