¿How many badges can I issue for each student or member of my organization?


You can issue as many as you want, according to the training and recognition programs the person has approved

¿Do I require any special software to issue the digital badges?

By singing in your organization on our cloud platform, you can issue the badges from there with a simple flat file. If you have your own system or LMS you can integrate it using our API.


¿How do users receive their badges and how do they share them?

Each accredited will receive an email with the attached badge or a code with which will be able to download it. So you can share it in any social network you prefer, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or attach it to an email, document (pdf, word, among others).


My organization has offices in several countries. ¿Can Acreditta issue badges to everyone?


Our platform is in the cloud, so there is no limitation of issuing badges in different venues. Acreditta has presence throughout Latin America.

¿Who are Acreditta's clients?

The profile of clients we serve is made up of universities, technical institutes, educational units, vocational training centers, online education sites, companies, associations, professional associations and government entities.

¿How does Acreditta ensure that an organization that issues digital badges is legitimate?


Acreditta has a verification process that allows validating as an authorized issuer to each organization. At the time of registration, several steps must be completed to authenticate the organization as a legitimate entity.

¿How can I accredit students / members / employees who have already completed their program or course?

It is very easy to acredit graduates or members who have already completed their course or reached an achievement. Only have to create the corresponding badge and the data of the accredited people should be loaded.

¿Do I require an exam to issue a digital badge?


As an organization, you can define various criteria according to which the person may or may not receive a badge. These can be an exam, work, participation, achievement, or another that your organization decides.

¿Can I recognize or issue badges only for one of my programs?


Of course, the platform allows you to issue only the credentials you determine at the time, and then expand the scope in the future.

¿ How can I issue digital badges for my face-to-face courses?


It is as simple as uploading the data of the accredited ones, design the badge and then activate its emission.

¿Can Acreditta help us design the credentials map with your badges?

Yes, we offer additional specialized advice in the design of credential maps according to the training and recognition programs of your organization.

¿ How is the confidentiality and privacy of our members' data guaranteed?


All data are the exclusive property of the client. The services we provide are based on a Privacy Agreement that is governed by strict security policies.

¿Does Acreditta offer training and support to the administrators of the digital credential platform?


The training and support are part of our service so that our customers can get the most out of their digital badge program.